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<Command of Love> One of the ways to play

" Grace is always more than difficulty " ponder the question for the player's reference.

Command 1) How do I show my repentance?

Command 2) How can I attract others with the light of Christ?

Command 3) What kind of good deeds will I use to overcome insults?

Command 4) How can I be generous?

Command 5) How do I show respect for God's law?

Command 6) How can I serve those who are offended by me?

Command 7) How should I prepare myself to escape selfish desires?

Command 8) How can I fulfill my promise?

Command 9) How should I invest in someone who offends me?

Command 10) How to love the enemy?

Command 11) Where do I need to be managed by God?

Command 12) How should I do good to glorify God?

Command 13) Those things used to be important to me, but now they are worthless and do not attract my interest?

Command 14) How do I base my life on eternal things?

Command 15) How to help yourself avoid judging people?

Command 16) How should I prepare my heart before sharing the gospel with others?

Command 17) In order to receive God's provision, how can I pray, seek, and knock?

Command 18) How can I be sensitive to the needs of others?

Command 19) What are the characteristics of narrow roads?

Command 20) How do I recognize false teachings?

Command 21) How should I equip myself to share the gospel with the people I meet?

Command 22) Where should I try to restrain my natural reactions (for example: violent speech, arousing anger...)?

Command 23) Those things that I should not be afraid of but are afraid of?

Command 24) How can I distinguish the voice of God?

Command 25) In what way does God want me to surrender to Him? /I am willing to let go of those burdens?

Command 26) How should I honor my parents?

Command 27) How should I protect myself from "leaven"?

Command 28) How do I deny myself every day?

Command 29) How should I value other believers? Especially those believers who seem to be immature?

Command 30) How should I look for someone who has offended me? / How can I bless someone who has offended me?

Command 31) How shall I exchange the treasures of the earth for the treasures of heaven?

Command 32) How does forgiveness benefit me?

Command 33) How do I show unselfish, unconditional love in my marriage?

Command 34) Should I remove those things in my life so that the people I serve will benefit more?

Command 35) How should I prepare my heart for prayer with the Word of God?

Command 36) Those prayers that I have answered can testify to the power of God?

Command 37) How to receive the poor?

Order 38) What should I do to show respect to the ruler?

Command 39) How can I love God with all my heart and soul?

Command 40) What opportunities do I have to show love to my neighbor?

Command 41) How can I persuade others to prepare for the Lord's return?

Command 42) How can I deepen the fellowship that Christ wants to have with me?

Command 43) Can I comfort myself with the promises God has given?

Command 44) Please recite Christ's command theme

Command 45) What kind of failures did I experience when I was not watching and praying?

Command 46) How should I feed the flock around me?

Command 47) What actions show that I am not ashamed of my faith?

Order 48) To be confirmed.

Order 49) To be confirmed.

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