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This is the first set of character board game textbooks designed in accordance with the Bible in Hong Kong original "Nine Fruits". The goal is to help friends of all sizes understand the character of Christ 🍇 to cultivate disciples through the game.

This teaching aid won the Hong Kong Made Toy Awards 2019 | Board Game Toys🏆Silver Award🎊


Character Board Game Workshop | Group Class  content:

1. Demonstrated by the founder of Nine Fruits, students can experience 10 ways to play <Parent-Child Character Board Game> through multimedia short videos (the online version will try 7 games, and the other 3 will be explained.)

2. Exploring the definition of 49 characters in the Bible

3. Design ideas and information sharing

Target: Parent/Tutor/ Pastor/Team Leader

Date: First appointment time for class   |   Duration: 2 hours

The best number: 12 people (up to 20 people)   |   Language: Cantonese  | 

Cost: HK$100/person  🖥Use ZOOM/ entity for online interactive teaching

🎉Free 1 set of "Complete Edition" <Parent-Child Character Board Game> (worth HK$280) Free Hong Kong local shipping

🎉Students can order the "Consummation Edition" <Parent-Child Character Board Game> once with 20% off free shipping today.

🤗Please go to  Make an appointment with us for class before you pay.

We will send e-mails to inform students of the class information 1 to 2 days before the class.

Terms and Conditions: Life Plus Colleciton reserves all final rights.

 Responses from parents and mentors 


Interviewees think it can help establish parent-child,

Feelings and relationships between people


Give 8 points or more , I am very satisfied with the workshop

Mrs. Guan

This game is really fun. They (the triplets of dragon and phoenix) are playing every day now, and they are beginning to pay attention to and observe the character of themselves and their friends, and discuss how to have a good character. Hope that more children can learn the meaning of it!


Jiaen (Tutor)


This game is easy to play,

The level can also be adjusted appropriately according to the participants, while learning to appreciate others,  Give participants the opportunity to share their feelings .




Registered to hold entity

Workshop unit

  Jidao Book Building


Christian Yew On Church

Xuan Tak Church of Yuen Long Alliance Church

Mong Kok Baptist Church

Christianity and Missionary Alliance Chengen Church

CBN Superbook
YMCA + Siu Sai Wan Church of the Church of Christ in China

Melbourne Chinese Christian Salvation Church
Happy Tree Social Services
Castle Peak Baptist Church Yeong Kuang Primary School Parent Fellowship Ashley

The Alliance Church Lam Tin Church Tsuen Wan Worship Service

6A Lecturer Christianity and Missionary Alliance Tsing Yi Church Lutheran Church Center Church Bible Lecture Macau Minnan Missionary Church Macau Missionary Church

Christian Community Church Yuen Long Church Christian Ping An Church

To Love Community Service Center

China Missionary Society Li Yin Yiu Memorial Secondary School

New Blessing Ministries Association

China Missionary Society Hung Hom Christian Church

Christian Missionary Society of Zion

Jubilee Church of Saints Church

China Missionary Society Foundation Stone Church

Mong Kok Mission Church

Sheung Shui Missionary Church

Lok Fu Church

Joyful City




















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